Rick Kadet on Good Cash Management Practices

At last week’s breakfast in Sunnyvale Rick Kadet offered a list of good cash management practices:

  • Really know your current cash balance. Reconcile your accounts and always consider outstanding payments.
  • Centralize and pre-approve any spending. Keep records of authorized spending:  purchase orders, travel, offer letters, expense re-imbursement, outside consultants.
  • This also minimizes mis-understandings with your co-founders
  • Have clear “not to exceed” limits on outside projects: break them into phases with clear deliverables, tie payments to results.
  • Once a month close the books and do an income statement and balance sheet.
  • Pay close attention to sales compensation and commission plans to ensure you are incentivizing the right behaviors.
  • The founders’ actions set the tone with employees and vendors:  stress frugality but don’t micro-manage or unintentionally communicate a lack of trust.


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